LED Media Tube

LED Media Tube


Creative and easily-installed Media Tube Series

Lega-6: 6.25mm 6*160 pixels

Lega-7: 7.8125mm 4*128 pixels

Lega-15: 15.625mm 2*64 pixels

Lega-10: 10.4mm 1*96 pixels

Lega-50: 50mm 1(6LEDs)*20 pixels

Environment: Outdoor/Indoor

3CINNO LED Media Tube born for events

3CINNO patented LED Media Tube is called LegaStrip. It is an innovative linear video fixture like you play the Lego.

With simple accessories, it easily gets multiple installation ways. That’s very useful for a wide variety of applications in different environments. This digital strip was actually born for events.

Because the Media Tube has high-density pixels. Sometimes, it is not just a lighting tube, but a narrow screen.

And an array of strips is able to play high definition animation and videos. With hundreds of media tubes, you can not only create unique decoration lighting design, but also make some kind of transparent LED mesh wall.

In short, due to its smart design, high resolution, and excellent color performance, the media strip can be widely used for touring events, studio, and stage.

Extended for Media Facade application

It’s known that Media Facade solution likes to use a linear LED pixel bar to create a large-scale digital media wall. But it doesn’t need a high resolution led bar for so long viewing distance.

3CINNO Media Tube family has a low-resolution version and they are IP66 grade and weather resistance. So besides as rental video tube, the same design tube can be also used for media facade applications in kinds of architecture buildings like stadiums, hospitality, and bridges,etc.

Key Features of LED Media Tube

Three Layers. Simple Structure. Big Use

3CINNO LED Media Tube is the real flexible LED fixture like no other, a brilliant mixing of LED lighting and display.

The smartly designed three-layer structure makes it an installation-friendly fixture. And it gets maintaining and changing very easily.

Whether you are looking for extraordinary lighting effects or a creative LED screen configuration, LegaStrip of unmatched flexibility is the ultimate LED solution in your design.

3 layers structure

Multiple Installation Ways available for the media tube

Media tube hanging installation
  • Hanging on the truss to make a big screen

With the clamps, many media tubes can suspend on the truss and easily make a transparent LED mesh screen. The maximum tubes in one line are 10pcs.

Video tube to be creative mesh screen
Suspending on the ceiling
  • Suspending on the ceiling

Every Media tube can be hanging on the ceiling to face down to the ground. It provides one more option to create a stunning experience.

Wall-mounted directly with M6 bolt
  • Wall-mounted directly on a surface or structure

With the detachable bottom case, the led digital bar can wall-mount on any surface just by simple steps.

Step1. Remove the substructure (bottom case) by hand.

Step2. Fix the substructure to the wall screwing with M6 bolts.

Step3. Snap the rest parts to the substructure.

  • Mounted on truss with bracket (accessory)

The back bracket is moveable on the track of the aluminum profile of Media Tube. You could screw it tightly by hand without any tool. It can be used to mount the tubes to truss or other structure by screwing through the hole on the bracket. That’s a very useful accessory in the rental application.

Tube with turnable bracket
  • Mounted on truss with turnable bracket (accessory)

The turnable bracket is the same as the back bracket. It slides into the back track of the aluminum profile and can be also tightened by hand. No complex job and no additional tool is required!

Media tube stacking inside Spigot
  • Stacking inside spigot on ground

The tubes can stack vertically one by one with the last one inside the spigot on the ground, while the middle tubes are connected well and kept upright by another simple connection accessory.

Detachable diffuser for different looks on the media tube

There is a detachable round diffuser covering on the top of the media tube for mixing light.

The diffuser can be smoked or black for a different visual experience. The darker diffuser will have a deeper contrast but a little lower brightness.

When the tube has the diffuser, it displays the perfectly mixed-light effect. For some situations, the designer just wants it to run the soft light.

In contrast, when taking the diffuser off, it shows clear pixels, the videos playing on the tubes like playing on a led curtain wall.

The detachable diffuser provides the ability to the same tube with both options. It makes as much use of your investment as possible.

Media tube with diffuser

Customized color for the aluminum profile of the media tube

Customized color for Media Tube profile

The black color is the standard color for the profile. It has high contrast, and can integrate into stage background more naturally when lights off.

You could also customize a different color for the strip profile. It will enhance your brand identity.

IP65 outdoor-rated video bar

Waterproof fast-locking connector for media tube

The fast-locking connector is IP67 grade. And the tube front added the glue for waterproof. All are going to make the digital bar robust when you use it for outside events or exterior permanent media facades.

Fast locking system

Fast-locking connection U-bracket

The fast-locking bracket seems very simple. Working with a spring button at the end of each side, the connection between tubes is very fast without any additional tools. Snap-on and it works well! It is simple and smart design.

High refresh rate and stunning effect played on the video tube

3CINNO Media Tube series has a control card built-in each tube. The Lega-6 used the advanced Nova system, which can be up to 10,000 Hz refresh rate, and truly 16-bit color image processing.

What’s more, it is pixel-level brightness and color calibration for optimal image quality. It has done a great job in the studio!

LED Media Tube_Video Tube
4*128pixels, P7.8mm, 1000*31*40mm
Nova controlling LED Media Tube
6*160 pixels, P6.25mm, 1000*40*45.5mm

Customizable in terms of length

The standard length of the led video strip is 1000 mm and 500 mm, but of course, many lengths can be customizable.

Easy cabling for a clean installation

All Media Tube products feature a combined power/data input/output. This easy daisy-chaining can run a long distance and doesn’t requiring power or data re-feeds on halfway.

As the Media Tube is embedded inside the mounting profile, the cable behind the tube is hidden. The cabling of the whole system looks very clean and is easy to handle.

Family of ultimate creative possibilities

The Media Tube family consists of 6.5mm pitch, 7.8mm pitch, 10.4mm pitch, and 50mm pitch. You can choose a suitable pixel pitch for your specific project.

P50 Media Tube
P10.4mm Media Tube

Specifications of LED Media Tube

Pixel Pitch6.25 mm7.8125 mm15.6 mm10.4 mm50 mm
Tube Resolution6 * 160 pixels4 * 128 pixels2 * 64 pixels1 * 96 pixels1 * 20 pixels
LED number per pixel1 LED1 LED1 LED1 LED6 LEDs
LED QTY/tube912 LEDs512 LEDs128 LEDs96 LEDs120 LEDs
LED Type SMD1921SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727 
Color Processing16 bit14 bit14 bit12 bit12 bit
Refresh Rate>8,000 Hz>3,840 Hz>3,840 Hz>1,000 Hz>1,000 Hz
Viewing Angle (H/V)120°120°120°120°120°
Working Voltage DC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 24V
Max Power/Tube18W16W15W15W16W
Contol system NovastarMooncellMooncellNovaStarNovaStar
Tube Size (without diffuser)1000×40×45.5 mm1000×31×40 mm1000×31×40 mm1000×31×40 mm1000×31×40 mm
Tube Size (with diffuser)1000×40×72 mm1000×31×64 mm1000×31×64 mm1000×31×64 mm1000×31×64 mm
IP RatingIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65

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