Is LED grille screen suitable as outdoor advertising screen?

In the past ten years, from “simple strip splicing structure” to “highly integrated cabinet frame”, outdoor LED grille screen technology is rapidly developed.

Its application scenarios continue to expand.

So is it suitable for outdoor advertising screens?

Since the launch of the led grille screen, many excellent practical cases have been born around the world.

We take a few cases for reference as follows.

LED grille screen case
led grille screen case
led strip curtain case
led strip curtain case
led strip curtain case

Because the LED outdoor grille screen has multiple characteristics such as light and transparent cabinet, colorful and vivid picture quality, and perfect performance, it is very suitable for outdoor installation, especially for large-area advertising screens.

Lightweight, Transparent and Easy to install, LED grille screen gives customers peace of mind.

A simple installation frame can be used to meet the requirements of convenient and fast installation.

Eliminates complex heavyweight steel structure, which can greatly save material costs and labor costs

It adopts an ultra-light design, the weight is as low as 14KG/㎡, which is 60%-80% lighter than the traditional cabinet.

The permeability of HM15/31D is as high as 67%, with strong wind resistance, safety, and stability.

It can make full use of air convection to efficiently dissipate heat, without the need for additional air conditioning.

Support front and rear installation. So maintenance is more convenient.

Taking into account the indoor lighting of the building, it can be installed directly on the transparent window.

Brilliant picture quality, Vivid images

The display effect is also very good, some technical indicators even far exceed the traditional outdoor advertising screen.

Through the use of high-quality DIP RGB lamps with the gold-wire large chip, mature driving technology, it can reach 10000nit high brightness, even if the sun is strong during the day, the picture is still clear.

10000Hz high refresh rate makes the dynamic image super smooth.

16Bit high grayscale makes the color performance more vivid and delicate that brings super-perceptual display effect.

Durable and Low power consumption, LED grille screen significant savings operating cost.

In terms of materials, the high-strength aluminum profile box frame is firm and reliable.

Besides, the product is equipped with aluminum alloy power box, waterproof sealant strips, high-quality silicone cable, and aviation level plug.

All help it reach the IP67 high protection level.

At the same time, the LED grille screen can work weill in the range of -40℃ to +50℃, suitable for all-weather environments.

And the energy-saving effect is remarkable, the average power consumption is as low as 77W/㎡.

In addition, it also has high-quality guarantees, making it more secure to use. The product meets the most strict CE CLASS B certification in Europe.

In short

3CINNO developed the new-generation outdoor grille screen HM Series(HD LED Strip Curtain) from the customer’s point of view.

It has redefined customer experience and maximized the value of commercial advertising screen.

The HD led curtain screen can perfectly match outdoor advertising scenarios including building exterior walls, streets, landmark buildings, stadiums, etc.

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Benefit from the the super-light outdoor led grille screen in your new advertising screen project!

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