How to install flexible led mesh screen on different building facades?

Due to its high transparency, extremely lightweight and ultra-slim, led mesh screen has been widely used as a large-format media facade on tall buildings.

How to install a big led facade on the building is the main concern for the designers, architects, and building owners.

Here we introduce the installatio details for different type building facades.

Glass Facade

Today more and more architecture uses transparent glass for building facade. Its transparency and translucency provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Glass can make a building look different, allow sunlight to enter into a building, and be strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather.

If you want to build a large media screen on the glass facade, the led mesh screen is the first choice as it doesn’t influence the transparency and doesn’t require complex construction on the facade.

Situation 1: LED mesh screen on the outside glass facade

When we installing the mesh screen on the outside of glass facade, you will see a continuous image, no break lines.

led mesh screen outside glass building

1, Making lightweight support frame on the glass facade

We design and install the frame according to the specific environment of the glass facade.

Not like the concrete wall, the fixing points on the glass facade is not everywhere.

Though it is very simple structure, we should make it very strong.

2, Fixing the mesh screen on the frame

Then, we tie the mesh to the frame by its own steel wire ropes.

The slave controllers, which are built-in power drivers, can be hung or put on the frame as well.

3, Leave space for glass cleaning

The glass facade will be cleaned in some time.

So when installing the mesh on the outside of the glass, it is better to leave some space for glass cleaning. The slim mesh screen can easily get enough space.

led mesh on glass building

Situation 2: LED mesh screen inside glass facade

If you can use part of the existing structure as the support frame, installing the led mesh inside the building is another choice.

led mesh screen inside glass building

1, No structure outside

All the fixings are behind the glass inside the building. There is no frame outside.

The facade’s appearance is clean when looking from outside. Meanwhile, the installation inside the building becomes easier and saves the installation time and cost.

2, Black lines on the media wall

Because the junctions of the glass windows will block the lights.

There are black lines on the media screen wall.

When the large format led mesh plays low-resolution videos and simple color patterns, the black lines are not obtrusive.

It is acceptable if you don’t have strict requirements for the visual performance .

3, Fixing the led mesh screen on the exisiting frame

Tie the mesh screen to the existing frame by its own steel wire ropes.

Steel ropes have been integrated into the mesh screen already.

Place the slave-controllers that are built-in power supplies in a nearby location inside the building.

Concrete wall

As the concrete wall is solid and non-transparent, the media mesh must install on outside of the wall.

1, Fixing the simple frame on the wall

Thanks to its lightweight and slim features, the support frame structure can be very simple.

On the facade of concrete wall, you can easily find positions to fix the frame.

One thing that needs to pay attention to is that the frame should not obstruct the window opening.

2, Every 3 or 4 meters long have the frame

The mesh screen has a big pixel pitch. And the data and power feeding for the led mesh panel can be a long distance.

So every single led panel can be made very long, taking P100mm mesh screen for example, the maximum panel is 12.8 meters length.

To keep this long and slim mesh screen very straight and make it able to withstand the winds, we suggest fixing the beam structure every 3 or 4 meters height.

led mesh screen on concrete wall

Above we mentioned some general situations, but every building and its facade structure are different.

We’d like to provide you one package service, which includes designing the media facade, choosing the right pitch flex mesh screen, guiding you how to install the mesh screen, drawing the frame structure according to your specific building façade structure.

Contact us now to get the consultant on how to install the large format mesh screen on your building facade!

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