LED Mesh -Dot Style Media Facade

LED Dot Media Mesh_3Cinno

DM Series

Transparent Flexible Outdoor-rated Dot-style LED Mesh Series:


1/2LEDs, P37/P40/P56/P75/80/P100mm…


3/4LEDs, P37/P40/P56/P75/P80/P100mm


6/8LEDs, P56/P75/P100/P150/P200mm…

Custom designs available on pixel pitch request

Key Features of LED Dot Mesh

Extremely Flexible LED Mesh, saves space and cost

In a word, the flexibility feature makes it very easy to do the preparation job, installation, and maintenance.


The Flexible Dot-style Media Mesh is rollable.

Even 10 meters of length led mesh can be rolled into a small pillar.

-Save time and cost

It doesn’t need much space to keep a big size mesh screen.

As a result, it saves much shipping cost and time when you move a large quantity of LED video mesh panels from the manufacturer to your country, from the warehouse to the installation site.  

Rollable LED Dot Media Mesh

High Transparent LED Mesh Wall, not obstructing the natural light

Thanks to its high transparency even up to 95% for some models, the LED mesh wall is warmly welcomed by architects, advertisers, and designers.

-Black and clear frame for options

You may need the black frame to get a better contrast. On the stage, the black frame will integrate well with the backdrop.

On the building facade, sometimes, the clear frame might be a better option, especially over a glass wall. Choosing a suitable color for your frame is up to the final application.

High transparent LED Mesh
Black frame
Clear frame

-High natural light transmittance

People like to live inside buildings with high light transmittance. Because sunlight makes people healthy and joyful.

Obviously, 3Cinno’s high transparency mesh will not block natural daylight.

-Second skin

When switched off the mesh, the original building facade remains visible.

The mesh display doesn’t visually influence the building facades, in contrast, its elegance enhances the appearance.

-Lower energy consumption

Furthermore, thanks to the high transparency of the media mesh facade, the air circulation of the building also gets unrestricted.

We know that good air circulation helps reduce the energy consumption associated with room lighting and air conditioning.

-Wide transparency range

Our flexible led mesh is assembled by fixing the LED pixel strands on the horizontal slim bars.

So the transparency actually varies with the pixel pitch(screen resolution), from 60% to 95% or more.

We’ll strive to find the best media facade solution, that has a good balance between transparency and pixel pitch (screen resolution).

Long-distance transmission available

For some special projects, especially the glass wall, the client wants the entire LED media wall to be very clean, without rows of black power boxes in the middle. At this time, long-distance transmission technology will be a good solution, although it will increase some costs. Using ultra-long-distance transmission, no additional power supply is required in the middle of the 50-meter-high LED mesh.

The maximum transmission distance of the standard configuration is about 12.8 meters. Unless otherwise specified, product quotations are all standard configurations.

Day and Night viewing capability, Automatic brightness adjustment with ambient, avoiding light pollution

3Cinno outdoor Media Mesh facade can be viewable both day and night.

-Both daytime and nighttime viewing

When visible in extremely bright conditions, for example, facing direct sunlight, we choose the LED mesh display with very high light intensity up to 7,000 Nits.

But when it’s getting dark, during dusk and night-time, you’d better lower brightness to prevent light pollution.

-Adjust the brightness automatically

Thanks to the light sensor system, our media mesh can adjust its brightness automatically according to ambient lighting conditions.

It is the same led mesh that is used for both daytime and nighttime.

Media facade case

-If only for night viewing

We know during the night, overly bright displays will cause light pollution. For example, it has a bad influence on drivers’ eyes.

So if only watch the LED mesh display during night-time, a low-brightness version of LED mesh is the best option. And it will be cheaper!

IP67 LED Facade

Double-side mesh available

Any pitch media mesh can be made double-sided to achieve both direction viewing and 3D effect.

When the mesh is hanging in a grand place, for example, a station hall, hotel lobby, or on stage, it can attract as many as possible visitors.

Double-side media mesh

No limit to the mesh screen size

Any size is possible!

Taking P100mm for example, the standard module is 0.8m in width by 12.8m in length. By assembling many modules, it can do any size.

Furthermore, the module size can be also customized to meet the special areas.

led media facade on irregular shape building

Exceptional Image Quality LED Facade

The new generation media mesh has an exceptionally rich color (> 14 bits) and a deep contrast ratio (>4000:1).

It is not obvious when you watch the media facade on the building from a long distance.

But when using the led mesh as a video backdrop on the stage, the viewing distance is closer. It is good to deliver a true color presentation.

LED Mesh on stage

Broken-point Continuingly-transferring technology

3Cinno LED Dot-style Media Mesh adopted broken-point continuing transferring technology.

In short, if any middle pixel is broken, the left dots keep working well.

With this design, any dead pixel on the large-format LED mesh screen will be not so obvious. Thus it leaves you time to maintain the mesh later and saves you the cost if you did maintenance for several dead pixels at one scheduled time.

Durable and Sustainable LED Mesh

-IP67 Design & UV proof

The IP67-rated & UV-proof Media Mesh works well in outdoor rainy weather or under strong long-time sunlight.

-Frost or Extreme weather resistance

The electronics and power supplies have a wide range of working temperatures between -30 °C ~ +60 °C.

And the plastic materials meet V0 high-grade fire-proof and are durable in harsh environments.

All things make sure the installation of flexible mesh on a worldwide level.

-Lower energy consumption

The flexible LED mesh, of course, has much lower energy consumption than conventional billboards for the same area because it has a lower resolution.

Besides, 3Cinno led mesh screen uses static scanning and other energy-saving technologies.

-Ultra Lightweight & Slim Mesh

The flexible led mesh is ultra-lightweight and extremely slim, around 25mm.

The final weight depends on the LED resolution. For example, it is 7.6 kg/sqm for P50mm, and but only 2kg/sqm for P100mm.

The 1200W sub-controller is 13KG/pcs. But one sub-controller can control several square meters. So it will not generate much weight load on the whole media mesh.

-High-grade LEDs, Gold-wire NationStar outdoor SMD

3Cinno all-series Media Mesh used the top-grade NationStar gold-wire outdoor high-brightness SMD.

It has a long useful life of more than 90,000 operating hours.

-Minimum maintenance costs

The led mesh has two parts including pixel strings and the holding frame. Only the LED pixels have chance to be broken.

Every individual LED pixel dot is changeable, no need to take out a whole string or dismantle any frame structure.

After-sale repair has the lowest cost.

-Easy maintenance, Single dot (pixel) Replaceable

But we know for a giant screen in the upper air, even with the best quality, you need to be concerned about how to maintain it.

The process could be done even when the mesh is working. You can get the result instantly without any delay, and there is no repeat painful job, like climbing up and down to turn on/off the power.

The design of single dot replaceable makes the maintenance cost very low. For any dead dot, you don’t need to remove any strand and any panel. Work on it at the site directly!

Click the below videos to see how easy to maintain for us. 

Fast installation

It’s known that time means money, especially when going to build more than a thousand square meters led facade screen. 

We are much faster compared to the traditional cabinet screen.


-Zipper quick-lock system

Firstly, besides the extremely lightweight and slim, we adopt a zipper quick-lock system between horizontal panels.

The zipper quick-lock system is without any tool and what’s more, the lock is robust.  

-Detachable string

In addition, the LED dot string is detachable, which can be taken off directly from the frame with little effort by hand from a certain angle.

Dot Mesh's Zipper quick-lock system
Dot Mesh's Detachable LED Strand

-No complex frame structure required

The mesh screen is supplied in rolls, completely preassembled, and ready to go for installation.

And there is no complex frame required on the building facade to fix the huge mesh. Please see the below photos.

mounting on building facade
mounting on building facade

Strict Test

There are strict tests flow from materials to production, from packing to delivery. The below videos only show some of them.

The frozen test is showing the mesh strands can work well under ice. And the boiling hot water can’t damage the LED pixel as well.

Also, the fire test shows that the cable is high-grade fire-proof silicon-rubber cable.

Fully Customizable Media Facade

Sometimes, we need the tailor-made mesh solution to meet the architects’ design or fit for the special shape.

3Cinno’s media mesh can cover any size facade perfectly by adjusting pixel pitch freely. It can get the best solution to match the circumstances instantly!

-Customization factors

For the mesh screen, pixel pitch and pixel composition(LED quantity per dot) are the main customizable factors.

Because they can bring different resolutions, brightness, and transparency rates to the mesh.

Advantages of 3Cinno tailor-made media mesh

3Cinno provides the FULLY and REAL tailor-made media mesh solution.

You can customize any pixel pitch freely and get stable results.

The biggest advantage is that our mature customization ability can keep the same quality as any customized shape or pitch.

Rollable Media Mesh

NovaStar Controlling, an advanced and universal led video system

The video control system for the LED mesh screen is NovaStar.

-Most common LED screen system

It is the most powerful and widely used LED display system in the industry.

Customers can benefit from the worldwide distributor network whenever they look for technical support.


Videos, animations, graphics, and real-time data (news, stocks, scores, and statistics) not only can feed in real-time, but also can schedule their presentation.

It has multiple interfaces including HDMI/DVI, WiFi, 4G, and USB for video streaming access.

-Cloud management

Moreover, its advanced cloud-based content publishing system is capable of managing many LED mesh screens in different locations all over the world just from one central control room.

Sometimes, the users have multiple display systems both inside and outside their buildings. Then you could use Nova to tie all displays together into a single, unified communication and entertainment system.

Large format LED mesh also perfect for events

LED mesh displays have become a preferred choice for large events and concerts.

Their high transparency ensures that the audience can enjoy an unobstructed view of the stage, creating a captivating visual experience.

LED mesh is designed to allow lighting to pass through, enhancing the overall stage ambiance.

One of its standout features is its ease of installation. These displays are lightweight and can be effortlessly hung, making setup and dismantling for events a straightforward process.

Specifications of LED Dot Mesh

ModelDM1 / DM2 / DM3 / DM4 / DM6 / DM8
Pixel configuration:                1 SMD / 2 SMDs / 3 SMDs / 4 SMDs / 6 SMDs / 8 SMDs
LED encapsulation:                Nationstar Gold-wire outdoor SMD2727
Pixel pitch (vertical): 37 / 40 / 50 / 56 / 75 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 150mm…. Custom pixel pitch available
Pixel pitch (horizontal) 37 / 40 / 50 / 56 / 75 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 150mm…. Custom pixel pitch available
Color processing:>3×12 Bit
LED refresh rate:>1,000  Hz
Pixels per square meter: To be defined e.g. P50mm is 400 Pix/m²
Brightness:To be defined, e.g. DM2-P50mm is 2,000 Nits, DM8-P50mm is >7,000 Nits
Max. viewing angle (horizontal):120  degrees 
Max. viewing angle (vertical):120  degrees 
Min. viewing distance: To be defined e.g. P50mm is 20m
Voltage input:100 to 240 VAC
Max. power consumption:To be defined, e.g. DM2-P50mm is 200Watt/m² ,  DM6-P50mm is 470 Watt/m² 
Transparency rateTo be defined,e.g. P50mm is 70%, P80mm is 95%
Working temperature -30 to 60 ºC
Weight per mesh dot, average:0.019 kg/dot
Weight per mesh unit, average: To be defined e.g. P50mm is 7.6 kg/m²; P100mm is 2kg/ m²
Weight per unit sub-controller: DM2 sub-controller is 5kg/pcs, DM6 sub-controller is 13.5kg/pcs
Average weight, Mesh+Subcontroller: To be defined, e.g. DM6-P50mm is 13kg/m²
IP ratingIP67

Related Cases

LED Dome Media Mesh

Irregular media mesh screen

Due to the characteristics of flexibility, bending, high permeability, etc., the media mesh can adapt to any surface scene and various creative shapes.

The bridge in the video was decorated with a flexible mesh, which can play vivid videos.

Ribbon curved LED facade

Dot-style led mesh is a smart product. Besides covering the whole building facade, you can also cover the place between floors as the video shows. Compared to video strips, it is more flexible and easy to bend along the curved facade.

Transparent LED facade

The Dot-style mesh facade is the best product for large-area installation on the glass wall because of its high transparency. It can cover the entire glass wall without affecting the natural light entering, and also without affecting the sight inside the building. Screen brightness is enough for most time watching.

Other types of media mesh

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