Why 3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh is better than steel Media Mesh?

3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh (Dot-style mesh and Strip-style mesh) and other steel Media Mesh in the market all belong to led media façade, that are used to build a large scale transparent digital media wall.

Compared to others, 3CINNO’s team member has more than 20 years of experience in the LED screen industry. And we only focus on the LED screens and led mesh technology.

Let’s walk through the comparison between 3CINNO led media mesh façade and other brand steel Media Mesh.

Transparent LED Mesh
3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh
Steel Media Mesh

3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh has higher transparency

Media Mesh can offer unparalleled transparency. Natural light can filter through into the inside space and the led façade will not block the view from inside. The building façade appearance has not been changed much and the led mesh facade as a second skin of the building even enhanced the brand identity.

3CINNO transparent led mesh has higher transparency because there is no block like metal fabric between the LED Grids. Taking P50mm H/50mm V for example, the 3CINNO Transparent led mesh is 65%.

3CINNO LED Mesh Wall is more slim and lightweight.

Because the media façade uses a separate power box. The screen body is very slim compared to the traditional cabinet led wall. Thanks to the transparency and elegant design, it is super easy for people to roll, move and install.

Taking P50mm for example, 3CINNO Single-led Dot-style LED mesh is only 3.2kg/m2, while Multiple-led Dot-style LED mesh is only 5.5kg/m2.

3CINNO LED Mesh Façade is more flexible to customize for your project.

As we all know, every building facade is different. This means that we need to scale the size of the media façade to fit the building area. The 3CINNO mesh has no size limit, no matter what size and shape you want to build for the entire LED façade, even curved or triangular.

Further more, you can actually go to customize any pixel pitch to meet the required brightness and resolution for a specific project. We nearly have no limits on the pixel pitch from P40.

3CINNO Mesh is easier to set-up and maintain

For 3CINNO media mesh, it doesn’t need to make a complex support frame like a traditional led screen. No need air-conditioner and heavy frame for both!

Besides it is super light to hang the mesh screens. For 3CINNO led mesh, you can change any individual dot with a simple tool. Thanks to the broken-dot continually transmitting technology, left pixels will still work well. That’s convenient and leaves you more chances to pick up the right time for maintenance.

3CINNO Mesh has simpler cabling

3CINNO Dot-style mesh and Strip-style media mesh both uses integrated slave controller, that built-in power supply and control card. There is only one cable for each line of mesh facade. This design can get a clean cabling. It simplifys the installation and maintenance.

3CINNO LED Façade has better cost

Due to lower labor costs and mature supply chains, Chinese manufacturers generally have lower costs. 70% of LED screens in the world are made in China. China has made some low-quality screens. However, there are some top LED screen brands that always pay attention to quality and have won a wide reputation. 3CINNO is one of them. We have always been committed to developing and manufacturing the best quality and most durable media mesh for our customers.

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