Difference between Transparent Flexible Media Mesh Facade and other screens

Transparent flexible media mesh facade is a new generation media communication platform for architectures

Transparent media facade has been increasingly used to turn the building facades into high-class venues for digital media presentations. These low-resolution pixel media mesh fuses light and media, allowing designers and architects to make digitally interactive architectures that create a media communication platform for these buildings to tell stories. It helps shopping malls, stadiums, airport buildings, skyscrapers, and landmarking buildings get excitements, and bring interest and a new perception to the pedestrians.

Difference between transparent flexible media mesh facade and traditional led screen

Transparent Media Facade
Transparent Media Facade

Traditional LED Screen

Transparent media facades and traditional led screens can be both used to attract customers for shopping malls, make brand identities for big businesses and strengthen fan experience for stadiums. Nonetheless, large-format media facades go beyond delivering advertising and live video content. Let’s walk through the advantages of transparent media facade compared to traditional screen.

Redefine the public art

Large transparent media facades not only make architecture and lighting work together to bring out the character of the building itself, but also function as a dynamic digital palette to be a form of visual communication for text, graphics, and video animations. The media façade redefines the public art by getting a perfect balance of aesthetic structures and illumination art, which bring powerful emotions.

Modular design capable of being scaled freely and adapted to any size and format

Thanks to the modular structure of led facade system, there is no limit to make any size screen for the transparent media facade. Any building facade can be completely or partially covered with the slim and lightweight media facade products, the media mesh or the media tube arrays.

Unlike traditional led screens that have to built on the flat surface and limited in sizes, the transparent media façade is scalable and customizable for a different size. And its elements,  flexible pixel strings can be capable of making any irregular shape installations mixed-use with media facade.

3D effect on glass building

Due to its particular high transparency, the lighting video animation look to float in front of the media facade, especially when over the glass facade with its own transparency, creates a stunning 3D effect for the whole building. It will feel more obvious when you watch the whole building in a little longer distance.

3D effect transparent media facade

Different visual experience on day and night!

The transparent media facade created a different visual experience between day and night. Due to the high transparency, on the daytime, it is a low-resolution screen suitable for playing simple video, lighting animation or text, but during night-time because of invisible transparency and dark environment, the media facade became clearer that appears as brighter and higher definition giant led screen. It seems not as lower pitch as P50mm in the night. So playing rich content on the P50 media facade in the night is good.

Creative color possibilities for facade appearance as the second skin of building

The aluminum profile element is available to paint different color that creates unlimited possibilities for the media façade appearance. When no video content is being displayed, it appears elegant silver or any painted color as you want, which enhances the brand and serves as a second skin for the buildings.

See-through without obscuring the light

In contrast to traditional led screens that block the daylight into the building, transparent media facades allow natural light to go through the screen. The see-through structure ensures outside scenic viewable for the people inside the building. While as it is not 100% transparency from outside looking, simultaneously, it provides privacy to the people inside the building.

Other advantages compared to traditional led screen

  • Lightweight & Slim without any damage to the original wall
  • Fast-installation, and easy maintenance both front & rear service access
  • No heavy steel support structure
  • Low consumption, good heat conduction and air-conditioner free.
  • High IP graded and extremely stable performance

Main factors determine the transparency of Media Facade

The LED pixel pitch is the main factor to determine the transparency of the media facade. The design of LED elements like the strip or dot is also related to transparency. The transparency rate is from 30% to 95%.

Difference with glass LED screen

media facade solution
Transparent Media Facade
Glass LED Screen

The glass led screen is see-through and has higher resolution, but it is an indoor-designed screen that can’t be exposed outside permanently. It can make day-time viewable with 4,500 Nits inside the glass. So it is often used for store-front advertising displays. For a big facade, the issue is that there will be black lines between the glasses.

Transparent media facadeGlass led screen
Min. pixel pitch25/50mm3.9/7.8mm
Max. brightness10,000 nits5,000 nits
Approx weight5KG/sqm13KG/sqm
Indoor applicationYesYes
Outdoor applicationYesNo
Without complex support frameYesNo
Irregular size availabilityYesNo
Easy for large area installationYesNo
Hanging feasibilityYesNo for most

Difference with LED curtain

media facade solution
Transparent Media Facade

LED Curtain

LED curtain has higher brightness and can be used for outdoor application. But it is difficult to maintain and not as easy as a transparent media facade to install. And it’s much heavier and needs complex support frame on the back.

Min. pixel pitch25/50mm15.625mm
Max. brightness10,000 nits7,000 nits
Approx weight5KG/sqm15KG/sqm
Indoor applicationYesYes
Outdoor applicationYesYes
Without complex support frameYesNo
Irregular size availabilityYesNo
Easy for large area installationYesNo
Hanging feasibilityYesNo for most

3CINNO transparent media mesh facade system

As transparent media facades continue to become the new generation media communication, 3CINNO is devoted to delivering the best service and high-quality LED media facade products that enhance not only the building appearance, but also its functionality.

We provide one package service

As leading media mesh manufacturer, 3CINNO provides a whole package including consulting and planning of media facade, manufacturing and delivery of led facade media mesh series, installation guidance and training of hardware and software at site, 3D video animation production, etc.

General Specifications of 3CINNO transparent flexible media mesh facade

  • Lightweight and Slim
  • Gold-wire outdoor NationStar SMD or Gold-wire high-luminosity DIP lamps
  • High brightness up to 10,000 Nits
  • Unlimited screen size
  • 30%~95% Transparency
  • 120°*120° viewing angle for SMD mesh, 110°*55° angle for DIP mesh screen
  • 15m up to several kilometers viewing distance
  • Horizontal pixel pitch >25mm
  • Vertical pixel pitch >50mm
  • IP67 rated, UV resistant
  • -30℃~60℃ / -22°F to +140°F operating temperature for normal situation
  • Detachable and changeable element
  • Simple colors changing to graphic animation and complex video contents
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