LED Video Strip

LED Video Strip

LED Video Strip

Outdoor rated LED video strip media facade fixture

VS-10: Pitch 10mm

VS-20: Pitch 20mm

VS-25: Pitch 25mm

VS-40: Pitch 40mm

VS-50: Pitch 50mm

*Other custom pitch is available.

Video Strips Media Facade

The led video strip is designed to make a creative low-resolution led screen on the building facade, that can turn your architecture into a unique video wall.

It doesn’t like the common architectural linear tubes, which only light up the building outlines and only play simple RGB changing along the lines.

LED video strips are ideal for filling any narrow space on the facade, for example, in places between windows. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the LED façade blocking natural light.

And it’s very simple to install a large number of video tubes on the facade of the building.

LED video strip media facade

Key Features of LED Video Strip

Fully-outdoor rated

It meets at least IP66 design and passed reliability tests of IP class, surge/transient, salt mist, solar radiation, moisture, cyclic temperature, vibration, etc.

Easy mounting

The led video strip can be easily direct-mounted on a surface of any structure. It can be also fixed in some custom mounting profiles.

Clean installation

All led video strip series can do daisy-chain cabling in long runs without requiring power or data re-feeds halfway, greatly easily system setup. Every strip uses a single connector combined with data and power.

Smart controlling

The exterior video strips can be fed video via the HDMI port from the media server. Chains of strips can be easily mapped by the dedicated video lighting software.

Ultimate creative possibilities

The linear video strip family consists of 10, 20, 25, 40, 50mm pixel pitch for any design. It meantime provides kinds of abilities to make custom length (maximum 2000 mm) and custom profile color, and different diffusers for the right application.

Optimal image quality

The led video strips are making a low-resolution large-scale led video wall. It still requires a high-quality image. With 16-bit per color image processing technology, the strip mesh wall provides the best optimal image quality.

Specifications of LED Video Strip

Pixel Pitch10 mm20 mm25 mm40 mm50 mm
Tube Resolution1 * 100 pixels1 * 50 pixels1 * 40 pixels1 * 25 pixels1 * 20 pixels
LED number per pixel1 LED2 LED4 LEDs6 LEDs6 LEDs
LED QTY/tube100 LEDs100 LEDs160 LEDs150 LEDs120 LEDs
LED Type SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727 
Color Processing16 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit
Refresh Rate>1,000 Hz>1,000 Hz>1,000 Hz>1,000 Hz>1,000 Hz
Viewing Angle (H/V)120°120°120°120°120°
Working Voltage DC 36/48VDC 36/48VDC 36/48VDC 36/48VDC 36/48V
Max Power/Tube15W16W15W15W16W
Control system NovaStar/LED StudioNovaStar/LED StudioNovaStar/LED StudioNovaStar/LED StudioNovaStar/LED Studio
Tube Size (without diffuser)1000×26×33 mm1000×31×40 mm1000×31×40 mm1000×31×40 mm1000×31×40 mm
Tube Size (with diffuser)1000×26×58 mm1000×26×58 mm1000×26×58 mm1000×26×58 mm1000×26×58 mm
IP RatingIP66IP66IP66IP66IP66

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led video strip media facade
led video strip media facade

led video strip media facade
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