Large outdoor led display

What’s the most suitable large outdoor led display installed on the glass building façade?

A successful large outdoor led display can quickly make this building unique and make it a landmark of the city.

It is a very important multimedia platform in the urban core area where there are many buildings. It can play advertisements, render night scenes, and transmit information.

However, for some contractors, designers, and facade consultants, how to choose the most suitable large screen, they are sometimes a little confused.

Traditional led display is only suitable for small size screen on concrete wall.

If you want to install an LED screen on the exterior wall of a building, which LED screen would you choose?

Usually, we can choose the traditional LED screen.

Because on the surface of hard outdoor buildings, we can install bulky support structures, create enclosed spaces, install air conditioners to cool the screen, and so on.

But it is only suitable for small size.

What if the screen exceeds 1000 square meters? For example, how about 2000 square meters?

For a screen of more than 1,000 square meters, the traditional display is obviously not a good choice.

First of all, the traditional display is too heavy! ! !

Assuming a 2000 square screen, the weight of the traditional display is about 65KG/sqm, the total weight of the screen will be 652000=130 tons; plus the steel structure is calculated at 55KG/sqm, the total weight of the steel structure is 55 2000=110 tons. In this way, the total weight is 130+110=240 tons. This is a very heavy weight! ! !

Hence, it is necessary to ensure that it is within the load-bearing range of the wall, and installation is very troublesome. Even so, the installation cost of traditional large screens is very high.

The traditional display screen blocks the light and damage the original design!

In addition, if the facade is a glass wall, the glass wall enables the building itself to have better natural lighting and good sight.

However, the traditional display screen will block the line of sight and require a huge supporting structure which will destroy the original design and structure of the building.

So it is not appropriate for the traditional display screen to be installed on the glass facade.

For large outdoor led display(>1000sqm) installed on glass facade, transparent screens are the best choice.

There are mainly two kinds of outdoor transparent screens suitable to install on glass wall.

They are Dot-style media mesh and Strip curtain .

Both are transparent, lightweight, simple support frame without air-conditioner for cooling.

In terms of transparency rate and weight, Dot-style media mesh performs better.

In terms of brightness and resolution, the parameters of strip curtain are higher.

Dot-style media meshModular strip curtain
Screen frame materialPCAluminum
Weight for screen<10KG/sqm18~24KG/sqm
Transparency rate>70%>50%
Pixel pitchP37.5~P150mmP15.6/P25/P31.25mm
Installation frameVery simpleSimple
Brightness<6000 nits>6000 nits
Heat dissipation wayNatural coolingNatural cooling

Dot-style large-format LED facade case

Large format outdoor display made with Strip curtain

Large outdoor led display

If it is super large outdoor display, which one is best ?

Taking into account the lighter weight, better stealth performance, easier installation and maintenance, and sufficient resolution, Dot-style mesh is the best choice for outdoor super large screens on glass facades.

However, if the budget is sufficient, it is possible to use a higher resolution Strip-curtain, which has a higher brightness and satisfies direct sunlight viewing, but the weight and installation are a bit more troublesome than Dot-style mesh.

Super large transparent outdoor led screen
Super large-format outdoor led display
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