Strip-style LED curtain screen is a good choice for bridge video wall

LED curtain screen can decorate the bridge, present dynamic content, display advertisements, and publish information. It makes the bridge a media platform better to reflect local culture, not just a transportation facility.

To build video wall on bridge has some special requirements.

First, the load capacity of the bridge is relatively low.

And a video screen may distract the attention of the drivers.

So the bridge video wall should not affect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, but also needs to avoid light pollution.

LED curtain screen is a very good choice!

Because the LED curtain screen adopts a light, thin and transparent structure design concept.

It can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the external wall and steel frame of the bridge.

Therefore, the LED curtain screen is very safe to install on the bridge.

And adjustable brightness and custom viewing angles can avoid the light pollution.

Moreover, the advantages of high-definition, high-quality and high-gray curtain screens provide the best advertising chances for the bridge.

Curtain screen on bridge case 1:

Shuanglong Bridge is located on the bank of Julong Lake, the core of the southern new district of Yancheng. There are parks, TV stations, shopping centers, etc. around the bridge. The street where the bridge is located includes 29 single buildings with a total area of ​​35,000 square meters and an 800-meter-long pedestrian street. The block creates an area integrating dining, themed bars, entertainment, leisure, and boutique hotels. This street has become a new landmark in Yancheng’s “cultural tourism” and “urban micro-tourism” destinations. So the decoration of the bridge in the center of the block is very important.

led curtain screen on bridge
led curtain screen on bridge
led curtain display for bridge
led curtain video wall on bridge

Our curtain can seamlessly integrate into the bridge. It can play videos, animations, pictures, texts, etc., which makes the historical and cultural area of ​​Yancheng more elegant and adds a beautiful scenery to Yancheng.

P25mm led curtain screen

Curtain screen on bridge case 2:

Dongbin Overpass is located at the intersection of Dongbin Road and Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan Street, Shenzhen. The overpass bridge is like a seagull, with wings distributed on Dongbin Road and Nanshan Avenue. The overall design of the pedestrian bridge is like seagulls with spread wings.

The bridge decorated with lights and led curtain screen is a huge artwork, turning the original messy three-way entrance into beautiful scenery. It is also a platform for information release and advertising.

Custom led curtain screen
Custom led curtain screen without power supply box on the panel back for higher transparency

LED curtain screen breaks through the limitations of the traditional LED display.

Strong wind resistance with high transparency

The width of the screen strip is less than 14mm, the transparency rate of P25 is greater than 45%, while P25/50 is as high as 75%.

Installed on the bridge or the top of the building, high transparency can effectively increase the wind resistance.

If installed on the glass wall, a transparent screen will not affect the natural lights entering the building.

High brightness with automatically adjustable

The LED curtain screen can have different brightness versions.

If only visible from the dusk until night, 2000~3500 nits is enough.

For the day-time viewing, the screen model with brightness larger than 7000 nits.

Because the screen brightness at night needs to be much lower than the day-time, in order not to be too dazzling and hurt the eyes.

It is essential to have the function of automatically adjusting the brightness according to the ambient light.

Ultra lightweight and easy to install

For example, the P25 screen weighs less than 14 kg per square meter, and the P25/50 screen weighs less than 10 kg per square meter.

It is very quick installation and can reduce labor and transportation costs.

Front and rear maintenance both available

You can matintain the led curtain screen front or rear.

The way is decided by the installation environment of the screen.

On the bridge, rear maintenance is very convenient. It is the same to install the screen inside of the glass wall.

Whereas, if the screen is on the external wall of the building, the front maintenance method is better.

Detachable screen element

The power supply and controller are separated from the strips.

The signals run on strips in parallel and each strip works independently.

So any strip removal will not affect the working of left ones.

High protection level and good heat dissipation

The protection level of the screen is IP67, perfect for outdoor applications.

The strip uses high-strength aerospace-grade aluminum profile, and its surface is treated environmentally-friendly for corrosion-resistance.

The aluminum alloy material with the design of ventilation has good heat dissipation performance.

It does not require external air conditioning for heat dissipation, which can save you material and electricity costs.

Size Customizable

Customer can choose the color in accordance with their special design or the surrounding environment.

The length of the strip can also be customized. So that it can adapt to the complex installation environment and meet the needs of irregular display shape.

These unique characteristics of LED curtain screens make it not only suitable for building landmark dynamic landscapes on bridges, but also for building super-large outdoor display screens to provide the best advertising platform.

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