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What’s LED Media Mesh?

Media mesh transforms any building facade or locations into a dynamic, vivid and large-scale media wall but not obscuring the behind architecture. It is one kind of highly transparent LED screen that can be mounted over a solid facade of a building or in front of windows. The media mesh is designed with flexible, slim, clean, and lightweight characteristics. The net-like mesh provides a modern feel with its unique and elegant structural appearance. It creates impressive viewing experiences by providing a diverse range of advertising or creative applications.

Benefits of Using LED Media Mesh

  • Turning the surface of a building into a large-scale public screen
  • Being a dynamic communication platform to audiences
  • Being interactive and attractive design element
  • Playing advertisement as well as varied contents
  • Matching to the architecture precisely
  • Creating second colorful skin
  • Increasing the visibility
  • Providing dynamism and increasing the value of architecture
  • Making building´s identity

What kind of media mesh you should choose?

No matter how big the media facade wall you want to install inside or outside of your building facade, you can come to us for a perfectly suitable solution under your budget.

For example, if you build a thousand square meters of outdoor media wall, the flexible led dot media mesh or the flexible strip curtain will be the best choice.

If you build a fifty square meters of outdoor media wall and hope it play high definition video contents, the HD led strip curtain will be the best choice.

If you build a transparent media wall after the glass inside the building but face outside, the glass led mesh display will be the best choice.

If you just want to decorate the ceiling or wall of the club, the grid led mesh will be the best choice.

If you want to decorate all the facades of the whole building, a mall or a skyscraper, we are able to provide you a comprehensive solution, that is the whole package including led pixel strings and some kind of led media mesh.

However, they’re not the rules for all situations.

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3CINNO Media Mesh Category

Flexible LED Dot Mesh -DM Series

LED Media Mesh_3Cinno

The Dot-style LED Media Mesh series is one type of widely-used outdoor media facade. The easy-maintained LED RGB dots strings are attached to the rollable frame. This product integrated with the flexibility of led pixel strings and high definition of led video display. It features IP67 grade, high transparency, super brightness, ultra-slim, lightweight, and impressive flexibility. Therefore, the dot media mesh has been warmly welcomed by the architects, designers, integrators, advertisers, and building owners.

Flexible LED Strip Curtain Media Mesh – CM Series

LED Strip Curtain Media Mesh

The outdoor Strip Curtain Media Mesh can wrap up thousands of square meters building facade as a stunning digital wall. It has SMD, DIP two versions. And the pixel pitch has options of P25/50mm, P40/50mm, P50/50mm, P50/60mm,P50/100mm, and other custom pitch. With DIP2R2G2B for one pixel, it can get super high brightness, 7,000~10,000 Nits. You can hang or mount the whole led curtain from the building top to the bottom or part area. Besides, the individual led strips can be either fixed along the building edge as architectural lighting, or mounted on the wall with a unique shape to make some creative media facade.

Flexible LED Grid Media Mesh- GM Series

LED Grid Media Mesh

The indoor LED Grid Media Mesh is made by small creative LED video modules. It provides the options of indoor 15 mm, 25 mm, 30mm, 60mm pixel pitch. With the design of compact size, flexible and transparent module, it can customize LED video solutions with a minimum of effort. For this reason, it is extremely suitable for integration into lobbies, creative ceilings, stage designs, set elements, and much more.

HD LED Strip Curtain Media Mesh – HM Series

Strip LED curtian screen

The outdoor HD Strip Curtain Media Mesh is a good choice for both large scale or small area video wall. It is able to play high definition video, meanwhile, it keeps the advantage of transparency, slim and lightweight. Its pixel pitch ranges from P7.8 to P31. It is viewable for all day, super high brightness in the daytime, and brightness-adjustable in the night-time. It can be fully front installation and front service. Therefore, it can easily mount over the glass or the window directly. It is a robust and weatherproof outdoor high definition media facade screen, which works perfectly under any conditions.

Glass LED Display Media Mesh – GL Series

The glass led display is a new-trend indoor media screen. It is mainly installed in indoor places. Nevertheless, it has many advantages, which the traditional indoor led displays can’t compete with. At first, it inherits the features of media mesh such as high transparency, lightweight and slim body, and elegant appearance. Naturally, it gives the designers and architects new tools to advertise their brands. It has two versions including low brightness and high brightness. When watched by internal viewers or only working during night-time, the one with low-brightness is good enough. However, its high brightness(>5000nits) version provides another chance to build a media facade screen for external viewers, though it would be fixed inside the building after glass.

What needs to consider before the planning & installation of LED Media Mesh?


The viewing distance is the key factor to decide the pixel pitch and resolution.

When the distance between the viewer and the media mesh is shorter, the pixel pitch needs to make smaller.

But smaller pitch mesh will have higher resolution and cost. So the solution will be ok as long as let the target audience get the image recognizable. Of course, within the budget, try to get the details as much as possible.

Besides, the resolution for media mesh on an independent building often requests lower resolution than the one among densely built-up environments. Because the viewing distance among building forest is always shorter.

Regardless of location and building geometries, 3Cinno’s fully customizable LED Media Mesh can match all situations well.


The size of the media mesh is unlimited. It can match precisely to any building facade.

However, how big of a mesh to make depends on the intended purpose, the available budget, and the requisite resolution.


What’s the main time to watch the mesh lights is another key question before planning the media mesh.

In fact, the media mesh can be matched to any situation like the whole daytime even facing direct sunlight in the middle of the day, in a shady place, dusk or nighttime.

But under the different ambient light circumstances, there is a different requirement for the mesh dot luminous intensity and pixel intensity.

Furthermore, that will have a big change for the cost, weight, and resolution, if the mesh lights work in a completely different time. 

Here is some experience summarized from hundreds of installations:

  • Indoor night-time use: 500-800 nits
  • Most indoor situations, day-time and night-time use: 1000-1500 nits
  • Outdoor night-time use: 800-1000 nits
  • Outdoor twilight use: 1000-1500 nits
  • Most outdoor situations: 2000-3000 nits
  • Most outdoor direct-sun situations: 5,000 +nits
  • Strong direct-sun situations: 7,000 + nits


When planning transparent media mesh, we act precisely in accordance with specific architectural circumstances.

The first thing to consider is which type facade to cover with the led mesh. The rectangle shape facade is the most time situation. Besides rectangle, there is irregular situation such as curve, the triangle or trapezoid shape facade. 3Cinno media mesh is available to customize to cover all situations.

Secondly, we should consider how to fix the mesh tightly, especially above a very high distance of the building. The mesh units are usually tensioned vertically. This requires a solid frame substructure on the top and bottom. What’s more, approx. every certain distance on the intermediate positions there is steel bars, which are used to strengthen the fixation.

The whole frame structure has to be capable of withstanding not only the pure static weight, but also the resulting loads (considering e.g. wind and ice impacts). The total loaded weight should be taken into account for each project.

Thirdly, we’ll run the cables according to the previous confirmed design. Once all the led mesh units are in position, the sub-controllers distribute the integrated power&signal cables to the mesh units. Then there are daisy-chain power and signal cables between sub-controllers. Only one CAT6 cable is required from the central control room to the first sub-controller. For the HD strip curtain, the sub-controller is integrated with each panel.

If desired, 3Cinno is happy to send an engineer to work on the on-site initialization and the whole installation guide.


Start the content process for the media mesh with the following questions

  1. -What kind of content might be interesting for the surrounding of your building?
  2. – How long and how frequently will your audience look to your media mesh? 
  3. – What stories want to tell? 
  4. – Does the ratio of standard video content (e.g. 16:9) match the design of your building, or would it be worth using a special ratio? 
  5. – Do you have a company that can create video content for you? 
  6. -Can we be helpful with video content?

Where has the LED mesh been mostly used?

The media mesh has a much more smart structure than traditional led screens, and in many places, it provides more possibilities.

  • Shopping centers (Commercials)
  •   Theme parks
  •    Casino
  •    Sports (Arena, Stadium) / Court
  •    University
  •    Airport
  •    Brand Experience Center
  • – Special promotions
  • – Seasonal celebrations
  • – Convey messages
  • – Reinforce a brand
  • – Create an atmosphere – Advertising messages

What is the Scope of Supply & Services from 3Cinno?

Our specialists offer complete solutions for worldwide projects at every stage of planning – from concept right through to implementation:

  1. “Ready to install” led media mesh units that will hang/fix on the simple frame substructure 
  2. Designing installation frame drawings, taking into account local conditions like viewing distance, ambient light, load weight, etc.
  3. Master controller, sub-controllers built-in power supply and slave cards; Optional video processor to get camera signal
  4. Lead cables to the led mesh units, other fixing accessories, spare parts for fast maintenance
  5. On-site support including installation guide, programming, and training
  6. Commissioning verification
  7. 2/3/5 years warranty

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