Glass LED Display Media Mesh – GL Series

Transparent LED Display

GL Series

Glass LED Display Media Facade Series:

GL1.9: SMD 3-in-1/pixel, P1.9 H P3.9 V; 1000 Nits

GL2.8: SMD 3-in-1/pixel, P2.8 H P5.6 V; 1000 Nits

GL2.9: SMD 3-in-1/pixel, P2.9 H P7.8 V; 1000 Nits

GL2.9H: SMD 3-in-1/pixel, P2.9 H P7.8 V; 5000 Nits

GL3.9: SMD 3-in-1/pixel, P3.9 H P7.8 V; 1000 Nits

GL3.9H: SMD 3-in-1/pixel, P3.9 H P7.8 V; 5000 Nits

Custom designs available on pixel pitch and panel size

Key Features of Glass LED Display Mesh

High-resolution led glass mesh

The glass led mesh display can get small pixel pitch P1.9/3.9mm, P2.8/5.6mm, P2.9/7.8mm and P3.9/7.8mm.

It can display high definition video contents even for as small as ten square meters.

Frameless Design, High transparency

Unlike other transparent led display, this simple frameless design is a key factor to get a good see-through effect even for small pitch like P1.9.

The transparency-design display will neither block the natural light nor influence the viewing from outside.

That’s the important reason that it has been widely used for retails, shopping malls, and integrating with the glass wall of skyscrapers.

Frameless glass led display

Day-time viewable after building’s glass

The glass screens are fixed behind the glass inside the buildings.

Thanks to its high brightness of more than 5,000 nits, the whole screen can still be watched from outside.

Lightweight & Slim body

The die-casting aluminum cabinet and hollowed-out design make the cabinet lightweight, around 6KG.

Meanwhile, by using ultra-small power supply and micro controlling slave card, the cabinet thickness is very thin.

Cable hidding

The cable hidden design make the whole screen looks very clean!

Without heavy steel structure

Because of its lightweight and easy-installation structure, it doesn’t need to make a heavy and complex structure to hold the whole screen.

A simple structure will save you much cost for shipping and installation.

High refresh rate and high contrast

It is available to achieve 3,840Hz and 4000:1 contrast.

For the big building facade screen, it seems not necessary most time.

But when you watch the led facade closely, especially for a small display or internal installation, it is necessary when you are going to bring the amazing visual experience to the audience.

Front service available for the glass display

You can install or dismantle the glass screen panel from the front.

When you assemble the glass led screen without enough space on the back, the front service capability can make it true.

Specifications of glass led mesh display

Pixel Pitch Horizontally1.984mm2.84mm
Pixel Pitch Vertically3.91mm5.68mm
Panel Resolution504 * 128 pixels352 * 88 pixels
LED EncapsulationSMD1010SMD1010
Pixel Density/sqm12902461952
Pixel Pitch Horizontally2.957mm2.957mm3.91mm3.91mm
Pixel Pitch Vertically7.8125mm7.8125mm7.8125mm7.8125mm
Panel Resolution336 * 64 pixels336 * 64 pixels128 * 64 pixels128 * 64 pixels
LED EncapsulationSMD2020SMD1921SMD2020SMD1921
Pixel Density/sqm43008430083276832768
Color Processing16 bit16 bit16 bit16 bit
Refresh Rate>1,920 Hz>1,920 Hz>1,920 Hz>1,920 Hz
Viewing Angle (H/V)120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°120° / 120°
Max. Power/sqm750W750W750W750W
Aver. Power/sqm250W250W250W250W
Panel Size1000mm W × 500m H 1000mm W × 500m H 1000mm W × 500m H 1000mm W × 500m H 
Installation WayMounted/Suspending
Control system Novastar
Input VoltageAC110~220V 
CertificationCE, Rohs,CCC
Working Temperature-20~+60℃
IP RatingIP43

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