LED Mesh -Strip Style Media Facade

LED Mesh Facade

SM Series

Transparent Flexible IP67 Strip LED Facade Series:

SM25D/S: P25/25mm 8000Nits / 4000 Nits

SM2550D/D2: P25/50mm 7500 Nits / 5000 Nits

SM50D: P50/50mm 6000 Nits

SM50100D: P50/100mm 3500 Nits

SM100D: P100/100mm 1500 Nits

Key Features of Strip LED Facade

Flexible Strip LED Facade

The LED strips are stringed together by wire ropes to form a foldable, curtain-style LED facade.

Because of its foldability, it is very suitable for installation on curved building walls, or to create wavy shapes in an open space.

P25mm, Shoot at a distance of about 2 meters

Slim & Lightweight, Highly Transparent

The main body of the LED façade is a thin and lightweight aluminum profile.

Due to the slim profile with a width of less than 14mm,, the LED strip mesh is super lightweight and can obtain ultra-high transparency.

High transparency not only creates a transparent experience for people both outside and inside, but also allows plenty of natural light inside the building.

P2550 led facade
P25mm H 50mm V SMD LED Strip Mesh

Viewable in Day and Night LED Facade

Higher transparency means less pixel density, which will reduce some brightness.

When we need to watch during the day, especially when facing direct sunlight, we need relatively high brightness.

By using the high-brightness DIP 2R2G2B as a pixel, P50/50 can achieve high brightness of more than 7,000 nits (cd/m²), even up to 10,000 nits. This will create excellent visibility during the day.

Customizable Pixel Pitch and Length

The standard horizontal pixel pitch is set to 25/50mm, and the vertical pitch can be set freely by adjusting the steel wire distance between two strips.

In fact, if a project has special requirements, the horizontal pixel pitch and strip length can also be customized.

High Refresh Rate

In some cases, good visual performance is a very critical factor for a successful digital wall. For example, when you install a large video grid for an arena building, or the media facade of a building celebrates a major event, you want to get a flicker-free and true-color image when shooting a video with a camera.

Up to 5000Hz high refresh rate if requried and 14/16-bit color processing, you can get excellent image quality.

Clean Cabling

The power box can be placed on the side, and the transmission distance is very long, so that the entire media mesh does not require a lot of additional wiring.

Clean wiring not only simplifies installation and maintenance, but hidden wiring makes the entire media facade more beautiful!

IP67 & Harsh Weather Resistance

The Media Facade with IP67 protection level allows you not to worry about working conditions under rain or stormy weather.

The facade is made of high-quality aluminum profiles, combined with weather-resistant and UV-resistant materials. In addition, we use Gold-wire Natonstar outdoor SMD and Gold-Wire top-grad DIP lamp to guarantee its longevity.

With strong weather resistance and temperature resistance, our strip-style LED Facade is an ideal choice for any outdoor application.

Lower Energy Consumption

Naturally, the LED Facade with larger pixel pitch has lower consumption than ordinary high-density LED screens.

More importantly, by using energy-saving LED drive technology, LED Facade can achieve higher brightness at very low energy costs.

Easy Maintenance with Detachable Strip

Due to the detachable structure, each LED media strip on the outer wall can be replaced individually.

So there is no need to dismantle a large area led wall for maintenance. It becomes very easy to maintain any part of the LED facade.

During the development of this new generation of facades, we always emphasized the concept of simple assembly and maintenance.

LED Pixel Tube

Remote power supply

The module adopts long-distance power supply same to flexible strip curtain, so that the power control box can be placed in a suitable position according to the actual needs of the site without affecting the appearance and cleanliness of the display screen, which is easy for later maintenance

High security

The module uses the low-voltage DC 36V / 48V power supply rather than the conventional AC 220V power supply. So that the voltage of the screen is lower than the safe voltage that the human body can withstand. It will always keep safe to the pedestrians who accidentally touch the screen, or construction personnel and later maintenance personnel.

Non-foldable Modular Option

The strips can also be made in a non-foldable modular form.

The modules look like strip curtains. But it keeps the independent strip design. Each strap is detachable. This makes maintenance very easy.

Specifications of Strip LED Facade

Pixel Pitch Horizontally25mm25mm25mm25mm50mm50mm100mm
Pixel Pitch Vertically25mm25mm50mm50mm50mm100mm100mm
Strip Resolution1 * 40 pixels1 * 40 pixels1 * 40 pixels1 * 40 pixels1 * 20 pixels1 * 20 pixels1 * 10 pixels
LED EncapsulationDIP346SMD 3535DIP346DIP346DIP346DIP346DIP346
LED QTY/Pixel1R1G1B3-in-11R1G1B2R2G2B2R2G2B2R2G2B2R2G2B
Pixel Density/sqm16001600800800400200100
Color Processing>14 bit>14 bit>14 bit>14 bit>14 bit>14 bit>14 bit
Refresh Rate>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz
Viewing Angle (H/V)110°/55°120°110°/55°110°/55°110°/55°110°/55°110°/55°
Working Voltage DC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 36V
Max Power/sqm450W400W220W260W100W50W25W
Installation WayHanging or Mounted
Contol system Novastar
Slave Controller Power450W
Powe Supply BrandMeanWell
Input VoltageAC110~220V 
CertificationCE, Rohs,CCC
IP RatingIP67

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