Choosing right type of transparent LED screen, something you need to know.

What is transparent LED screen?

Literally, the transparent screen means that the LED display itself is transparent, and the back scene can be seen from the front of the LED display. The most basic requirement is that the screen can display video content without blocking the light or the view on both sides.

Due to the structure of the pixel, there are different forms of transparent screens.

Now the transparent screen has become a general concept. Sometimes customers only know that they need a transparent effect, but they often feel confused as to which one to use.

Now let us introduce the transparent LED screen in detail, so that you can better understand the transparent display and learn to choose the best display.

Most-used transparent LED screens

Indoor high-definition transparent display (CLEAR series)

The earliest transparent LED screen(CLEAR series) evolved from the conventional indoor LED display. By transforming the conventional display module into a module with certain transparency, the entire screen has some transparency. It retains the higher resolution of the indoor display.

The display module is constructed with very thin PCB strips. All the pixels are distributed on the horizontal strips. Therefore, only by increasing the distance between the vertical strips as much as possible can get a higher transparency rate.

So the horizontal and vertical pixel pitches are not equal, and the most widely used pitch is P3.9/7.8mm (Horizontally 3.8mm, vertically 7.8mm.) Nowadays, there are also higher resolutions such as P1.9/3.8mm, P2.8/5.6mm, etc. As an indoor LED display, it can be installed behind any window or glass wall and can be created a stunning video screen without blocking the line of sight.

Pixel PitchTransparency rateBrightnessEnvironment
1.9/3.9mm>42%1000 nitsIndoor
2.8/5.6mm>45%1000 nitsIndoor
2.8/5.6mm>45%5000 nitsIndoor
3.9/7.8mm>65%1000 nitsIndoor
3.9/7.8mm>65%5000 nitsIndoor
7.8/7.8mm>75%4000 nitsIndoor
5.2/10.4mm>80%4000 nitsIndoor
10.4/10.4mm>85%3500 nitsIndoor

Outdoor high-definition transparent display (HM series)

What if the strips of the transparent screen module are transformed into an outdoor form?

It is what we call strip curtain screen(HM series).

The thin LED strips are embedded in very narrow aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile can be filled with glue to achieve the effect of waterproofing.

However, because of the additional thickness of the aluminum strip, the resolution of outdoor screens is lower than the indoor type, such as the more commonly used P15.6/15.6, P15.6/31.25mm, and so on.

It can be directly exposed outdoors, and its transparency is average. Transparency may not be the most important factor to consider, but compared to conventional LED displays, it also has some features that conventional displays do not have.

It features lightweight because of its aluminum profile structure, good heat dissipation, no need for additional air conditioning, and simple installation structure. Therefore, people will also choose them on outdoor cement walls without considering the transparency.

Pixel PitchTransparency rateBrightnessEnvironment
P15.6/15.6mm40%8000 nitsOutdoor
P15.6/31.25mm70%8000 nitsOutdoor

Dot-style flexible transparent LED display (DM series)

If it is to install a very large area on a ​​glass wall, are there other options?

In this case, there is no need for high resolution in one square meter square, only requesting a good resolution in the entire building facade, which is more than thousands of square meters.

This is our most popular dot-style media mesh transparent screen(DM series).

The pixel pitch is very large, from P40 to P150mm, and individual pixels are distributed independently and dot-shaped. The advantage of the dot is that when the resolution is lower than P50, in order to be able to watch during the day, multiple LEDs can be placed in the dot to increase the overall brightness of the screen.

Another huge advantage for Dot-style mesh is that because the pixel pitch is so big, a single module can be made very long. So the module can be made folded, which is also very convenient for transportation and installation.

Pixel PitchTransparency rateBrightnessEnvironment
P37mm70%1500 nitsIndoor/Outdoor
P40mm80%1500 nitsIndoor/Outdoor
P56mm90% / 75%1000 nits / 5500 nitsIndoor/Outdoor
P75mm95% / 85%450 nits / 2400 nitsIndoor/Outdoor
P80mm95%340 nits / 1300 nitsIndoor/Outdoor
P100mm90%1500 nitsIndoor/Outdoor

How to choose right transparent LED display?

First of all, where do you plan to install the transparent screen?

The specific installation environment determines the type of transparent screen.

For example, if it is indoor such as retail shops or shopping malls, we generally choose a standard size CLEAR series indoor high-definition 1000*500mm or 1000*1000mm transparent led display panels.

If it can be fixed on the exterior building facade and requires high brightness and is able to play clear advertisements, we can use an outdoor high-definition transparent advertising screen.

If it is a large-format media facade, the ultra-high transparent Dot-style media mesh is a fantastic choice, which provides different models for daytime or only night-time viewing.

If it is standing on the ground, we choose a transparent LED poster. Its size can also be customized, or it can be made into a double-sided display.

If the designer has a special creative shape design to fit the building, it is capable to customize the transparent screen even for all types.

Indoor retail<10 sqmHighClear series
Indoor glass wall50~500 sqmHighClear series
Indoor shopping mall50~100 sqmHighClear series
Indoor2 sqmHighClear poster
Building façade50~500 sqmHighHM series
Building façade>500 sqmLowDM series

Secondly, we have to consider, how much brightness does the screen need?

If it is installed in a shop facing the street or on a glass wall, and the audience needs to watch it during the day, the brightness of the transparent screen must be at least 5000 nits.

If the glass led screen is only for indoor viewing, about 1000nits is enough.

For an outdoor transparent led screen especially under direct sunlight, we have to consider 8000 nits.

For a low-resolution large media facade, it is usually for night-time viewing. 600~1500 nits are enough.

WhereWatching fromBrightnessModel
IndoorInside1000 nitsClear series
IndoorOutside>4500 nitsClear series
OutdoorOutside8000 nitsHM series
OutdoorOutside-nighttime<1000 nitsDM series
OutdoorOutside-daytime>4500 nitsDM series

In addition, we have to consider what resolution is appropriate?

The resolution determines the pixel pitch of the product and brightness, and it is also much related to the price.

So we’d better ask the below questions.

What kind of video content does the screen display?

Simple color changing and animations don’t need high resolution.

How far do people watch the screen?

The closer the people watch the screen, the higher resolution it needs.

Watching distancePixel pitch

Summary of transparent LED display installation places

Transparent led displays provide an effective and eye-catching alternative to large-size LED screens.

The 60-90% high transparency feature is particularly powerful when integrated into a glass wall, enabling designers to provide screen solutions without detracting from the overall design.

The transparent screen can be freely customized according to your interior architecture, regardless of size, from small displays to huge transparent LED video screens, or even overhead canopies.

Transparent led display is becoming more and more popular and its market share is increasing.

However, there are still some customers who are still don’t know how to integrate the transparent screen into their own scene design.

The following is a summary of the places to use LED transparent displays.

Shop windows (Storefronts)

Transparent LED screens are ideal for indoor shop window displays, because it allows natural light to pass through, creating a natural indoor atmosphere, while still providing attractive and eye-catching digital video on the front of the display.

The high-bright version of the transparent screen can also be installed on the glass wall facing the street to provide bright and eye-catching images and information to street traffic.

It opens up new creative options that cannot be achieved with LCD screens and other LED screens.

The cool design can attract people’s attention, make them stop, and stimulate impulsive buying behavior.

Transparent led display
CLEAR Series
CLEAR Series


Due to the ultra-light and ultra-thin characteristics, the transparent LED screen is very easy to build whether it is hoisted or installed on the back frame.

It can be constructed according to a specific stage theme, such as a cube.

The screen itself can not only play high-definition video, but also create special visual effects such as 3D by combining special shapes.

CLEAR Series

Car dealer shop (Auto 4S shop)

The decoration style of the car dealer shop is fashionable and makes people feel very comfortable, especially the luxury car shop, the decoration is very high-end.

With a clean cable-hidden design and elegant appearance, the transparent screen will add a sense of high technology to the store, highlight the characteristics of luxury cars, and make the store more attractive and imaginative.

CLEAR Series
CLEAR Series

Grand shopping mall (atrium)

The modern artistic beauty of the transparent LED display can be effectively combined with the shopping environment.

It can be hung on the atrium, attached to the corridor, or installed on the wall of the shopping center.

Transparent led mesh
CLEAR Series
CLEAR Series

Brand event

Transparent LED screens can play a very important role in brand promotion activities.

Because of its highly transparent and ultra-slim body, it gives designers more creative options.

CLEAR Series High-brightness Model


The interior design of the club pursues an immersive experience.

The transparent LED screen can be customized into different shapes to create a special space.

Due to the transparent effect, the stage lighting behind the transparent screen will not be blocked. The wonderful video played on the screen is intertwined with the shocking music and dazzling lights, and finally makes people immersed.

CLEAR Series


Due to the fast installation speed and easy disassembly, transparent LED screens have been recognized in various exhibitions, such as auto shows, electronics shows, games shows, etc.

By playing clear images and 3D videos, it can better promote the product visually.

Science Museum

The Science and Technology Museum is an important place to spread scientific knowledge.

As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through animation and video.


Outdoor transparent screens are also very flexible and can be customized to fit the different architecture.

HM Series

Building facade

Glass walls have been widely used in modern skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.

The transparent LED display can be installed on the glass keel together with the glass wall to make a large-format media facade.

Transparent led display
CLEAR Series

Transparent led screen
CLEAR Series
HM Series
DM Series

Public space

Bus stations, high-speed train stations, and airports are all places where people gather, as well as places where a large number of advertising screens are put on.

As a new generation of display screens, the transparent screen will not block the field of vision, nor affect the overall spatial feeling, and can also play advertisements.

Car rear

The back or top of the car has become a new place to install advertising and information signs because it is currently the main mode of transportation.

The transparent LED display can be smaller in the car, the size is 250 * 750mm (9.8 inches * 29.5 inches), the pixel pitch is 2.6 / 5.2mm, and the resolution is sufficient to display recognizable images.

Advantages of transparent LED display

Why do more and more places like to use transparent LED displays?

Because it has many advantages that traditional LED screens do not have.

High transparency rate

Transparent LED displays have different pixel pitches, and their transparency can be between 60-90%.

It does not block the sunlight from entering the glass wall, and the individual LED of the screen is almost invisible from a distance.

Slim and lightweight

The main body of the transparent screen is designed very thin. After installation, it takes up small space and will not interfere with other facilities or structures near the glass wall.

The weight of the transparent LED screen is very light. Therefore, the load on the glass wall after installation is small.

Just a simple support structure

Due to its slim and lightweight design, it does not require a complicated heavy supporting steel structure, which can naturally save a lot of installation costs.

The supporting frame is simple, light and elegant and unobtrusive.

Convenient and fast maintenance

With modular design, each screen panel is composed of the smallest detachable modules.

The smallest modules can be replaced quickly and easily. By completing repairs in minutes and at a very low cost, the transparent LED wall will last for years.

High brightness available

There are different models for options for different brightness.

From low brightness for indoor viewing only, to up to 8000nits that can be seen even under strong light.

No air-conditioner and Energy-saving

Our LED transparent screen series adopt energy-saving technology with low power consumption.

Its good heat dissipation technology uses natural cooling without air conditioning, even for outdoor transparent screens under direct sunlight.

Easy to use

The control system is connected to your computer. The intuitive software interface allows you to easily set up the screen.

It allows you to update the content on the computer at any time. You can also use your mobile phone or iPad to publish content and schedule playback via WiFi. For many screens in different cities, you can use cloud services for group management.

What are the main types of indoor high-definition(HD) transparent LED displays?

Standard 1000x500mm or 1000x1000mm panels

Frameless (No horizontal bar)
Slim frame

Transparent LED poster

Custom LED transparent screen (Circle, Triangle, Column,etc.)

Contact us now to get the consultant on how to choose the best transparent led display on your place!

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