Direct-view Luminaire


What is direct-view luminaire?

Direct-view luminaire itself is part of dynamic visual effect that can be looked at directly. It includes bright LED nodes, flexible LED strands, and linear RGB luminaires. They can be mounted on the exterior of a structure or installed on the facades of the building, even on the curved facade. They are addressable. Through a powerful video controller, the entire structure or building can display dynamic video, graphics, and information.

As a kind of customizable creative lighting, it greatly unleashes the creativity of designers and architects, and provides them with another way to beautify the facades of buildings and attract audiences. Our direct-view luminaires can turn the architecture (iconic buildings, bridges, or historical landmarks, etc.) into interesting and fascinating works of art that can evolve with environment, and communicate with the crowd.

What are the scenarios to use the direct-view luminaires?

Make a large-scale media facade over an existing architecture that has complex detail

Placing an array of video tubes along the grooves between the glass walls of the building, or individually-addressable led node strands on the architectural existing structure, to make the media facade. The video contents are expressed in linear patterns. The installation requires a high degree of flexibility about pixel pitch and fixture positioning in order to fit unusual surfaces or outlines. The graphic information is communicated through the extraordinary effect on the facade.

Build unconventional media façade on curved or three-dimensional surface of the architecture or structure

Picking up the direct-view fixture that is not restricted in a rigid structure such as the flexible individually-addressable RGB strand or modular linear lights to cover the curved or three-dimensional surface. Now designers more and more require high flexibility to fit for various irregular surfaces or planes, even merge into the appearance of complex architecture.

Tailor-make media facade without diminishing the original esthetic design

Customization is often necessary to create a unique unforgettable visual experience. But the most challenge is that creative media facade solutions should be completely integrated with the building structure. Even a striking led facade should never diminish the characteristics of an iconic building.

We always keep the integrity of the original architectural design when tailor-making the led facade elements, rather than letting the led facade solution decide the overall architectural forms.

Highlight the setting of stage

The direct-view luminaires are good choices for sorts of creative events. Taking Legastrip for example, its multiple installation way, variable lengths, diffuser option, and freely mappable make it an ideal LED element to be used on stage

3CINNO Direct-view Luminaire Category

Media tube-Legastrip Series

Media tube with diffuser

Legastrip has multiple installation ways. That’s very useful for a wide variety of applications in different environments. Because the Media Tube has high-density pixels. Sometimes, it is not just a lighting tube, but a narrow screen. An array of strips is able to play high-definition animation and videos. With hundreds of media tubes, you can not only create a unique decoration lighting design, but also make some kind of transparent LED mesh wall.

Video tube-VS Series

LED Video Strip

The led video strip is designed to make a creative low-resolution led screen on the building facade, that can turn your architecture into a unique video wall. It doesn’t like the common architectural linear tubes, which only light up the building outlines and only play simple RGB changing along the lines. LED video strips are ideal for filling any narrow space on the facade, for example, in places between windows. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the LED façade blocking natural light. And it’s very simple to install a large number of video tubes on the facade of the building.

DMX Exterior Linear-EL Series

The DMX Exterior Linear is an important link in our line of direct vision lighting solutions, creating addressable light that can change architecture goes from dull to dazzling. These lights can display video, stunning color effects, and information. The color-changing, tunable white, pure white, and solid color LED luminaires can provide high-quality, digitally controllable light for all major indoor and outdoor architectural and entertainment applications. These standard DMX protocol luminaires can seamlessly work with world-standard renowned systems in any installation, from simple to complex.

Which system is used for the direct-view luminaire made media facade?

sACN-support Controller

Our controllers are compatible with industry-standard solutions such as the latest Art-Net and sACN protocols. Famous software including: Madrix, Pharos, MadMapper, GreenHippo, ArKaos, Resolume, Chromateq, Obsidian, Disguise, etc. are all valid by using our sACN-support system.

sACN, the streaming media architecture that controls the network, is a standard network protocol. It is widely used in the entertainment and architainment technology industries because it enables so many signals to run on the network. sACN is ideal for creating large-scale light shows and large-format media facades.


As the world’s most popular LED screen system, we extended its application from a transparent LED display to an array of LED video strips. Novastar already built a worldwide support network. What’s more, it is a very powerful and brilliant system. It has kinds of the main controller that supports Clouds content management, WiFi, USB disk.

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