LED Grid Media Mesh-GM Series

LED Grid Media Mesh

GM Series

Transparent, flexible, high brightness, true color and high refresh rate led grid mesh series

GM-i15: P15mm, indoor

GM-i25: P25mm, indoor

GM-i30: P30mm, indoor

GM-i60: P60mm, indoor

GM-o25: P25mm, outdoor

Custom pixel pitch and module dimensions are also available for any indoor project.

Key Features of LED Grid Mesh

Modular design LED grid mesh with many pixel pitch options

The LED Grid Mesh is made up of small video modules, which has outstanding visual performance.

For indoor, they are P60mm 240*240mm, P30mm 240*240mm, P25mm 200*200mm, and P15mm 240x240mm. Accordingly, their resolution is 4*4, 8*8, or 16*16pixels. For outdoor, it is 100*100mm.

LED Grid Media Mesh-P25mm P30mm
Indoor P25mm
LED Grid Media Mesh-P60mm
Indoor P60mm
Outdoor P25mm Grid LED Mesh
Outdoor P25mm

True color and high refresh rate

It adopts true color processing technology. It is available to get 16bit for each color, totally 281 trillion colors for each pixel.

By using static scanning, it easily gets high refresh rate at least 2,000 Hz for the whole screen.

High brightness

Some models like P15mm can get more than 5000 nits, that is enough for long-distance and day-time viewing.

Therefore, the indoor model is also viewable for outside audiences, e.g. the people in the street can watch the screen behind the storefront windows.

Ultra-transparent grid mesh creating a see-through visual effect

The LED Mesh is designed transparent. Therefore, it can create a see-through visual experience.

This is useful to make artistic integration into stage designs, creative ceilings, lobbies, etc.

High Transparency LED Grid Mesh

Rollable LED mesh

Every column mesh panel can be rolled into a stack and unfolded during the installation.

Flexible LED Curtain

Hanging fast with strong steel ropes and snap-on connection

Firstly, the mesh modules have strong steel ropes for hanging installation.

Thanks to its ultra lightweight and slim, and fast snap-on connection between left-right modules, hanging a large grid media mesh screen becomes very easy. It can be suspended on truss, any structure, or from the ceiling directly.

Indoor LED Grid Media Mesh
Indoor Grid Media Mesh
HD P25mm LED Media Mesh
Outdoor P25mm Grid Media Mesh

Easily wall-mounted LED Video Grid

Besides, with its tiny and smart design, the indoor led mesh can be mounted on the wall or some structure as well.

Wall-mounted LED Grid Media Mesh

Integrated power and data sub-controller running long distance

The sub-controller was built-in high efficient Meanwell power supply and powerful Nova A4S or A8S receiving card inside.

So it can load very long distances up to 12 meters. For a big media facade, you can only put the sub-controllers on the top or bottom. And there is no complex structure or space required.

Clean cabling

The LED Grid Mesh used only one combined power/data(single cable) cable between modules.

Outdoor P25mm

Universal and Powerful NovaStar controller

It’s well known that the Nova control system is the most popular and very powerful LED screen system in the World.

It provides high-quality color image processing technology, fast configuration, and pixel-level color and brightness calibration for an optimal image.

Specification of LED Grid Mesh

Pixel Pitch15 mm25 mm30 mm60 mm25 mm
Module Resolution16 * 16 pixels8 * 8 pixels8 * 8 pixels4 * 4 pixels4 * 4 pixels
LED number per pixel1 LED1 LED1 LED1 LED1 LED
LED QTY/module256 LEDs64 LEDs64 LEDs16 LEDs16 LEDs
Pixel Density/sqm4445160011122781600
LED Type SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Color Processing>14 bit>14 bit>14 bit>12 bit>14 bit
Refresh Rate>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz>2,000 Hz
Viewing Angle (H/V)120°120°120°120°120°
Working Voltage DC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 36VDC 12V
Max Power/Module40W11W11W3W3.5W, 350W/sqm
Installation WayHanging or MountedHanging or MountedHanging or MountedHanging or MountedHanging or Mounted
Contol system NovastarNovastarNovastarNovastarNovastar
Module Size240×240 mm200×200 mm240×240 mm240×240 mm100 x 100mm
IP RatingIP30IP30IP30IP30IP65

Other type media mesh

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