Transparent led screen inside glass wall as media facade

The transparent LED screen installed on the glass curtain wall does not block the indoor sight, nor does it destroy the original aesthetic design of the building. On the contrary, the transparent media facade wall makes the entire building vibrant and perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.

The curtain wall adopts a double-layer glass wall system, the outermost is a decorative curtain wall, it uses 50% coverage of ultra-white dot glazed glass, the inner side is a medium gray glass curtain wall, and the middle cavity is built with a transparent LED screen media facade system.

Transparent LED screen media wall

During the day, the outer layer of glazed glass presents a hazy and elegant temperament.

At dusk, the curtain wall plays a dynamic image, like a long landscape picture, circling around the building, making the whole building, the blue sky, and the shimmering lake form a beautiful picture.

At night, the soft floodlight mode makes the whole building blend into the quiet nature

Transparent LED screen inside glass media wall

A 70 cm wide continuous cavity is left between the double-layer glass walls, and the P25mm LED transparent screen is installed inside, which can clearly play video animations without affecting the indoor sight.

The double-layer curtain walls are connected by point support structure, and the outer point glazed glass uses transparent glue to fill the gaps, which minimizes the impact of the decorative curtain wall on the dynamic video.

In order to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the screen, the bottom end of the curtain wall is made of perforated aluminum plate, and the top is double-layered with rainproof louvers, which can not only meet the waterproof but also achieve natural ventilation.

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