Полная информация о том, где используется прозрачный светодиодный дисплей

Transparent LED Display (Glass LED Display) is becoming more and more popular and its market share is increasing.

However, there are still some customers who are still don’t know how to integrate the transparent screen into their own scene design.

The following is a summary of the places to use LED transparent display.

Summary of transparent LED display installation places

Shop windows

The transparent advertising screen hung on the window can play a very good role in commercial promotion.

The cool design can attract people’s attention, make them stop, and stimulate impulsive buying behavior.

Transparent led display


The transparent LED screen can be constructed according to a specific stage to reflect the theme.

The screen itself can not only add a dynamic atmosphere to the stage, but can even create a 3D effect. But due to its high transparency, it will not hinder stage lighting.

Chain stores

The transparent LED display replaces the traditional LED display and provides richer and more vivid video advertisements.

With the rapid development of the digital signage industry represented by retail, transparent LED screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers.

Grand shopping mall

The modern artistic beauty of the transparent LED display can be effectively combined with the shopping environment.

It can be hung on the atrium, attached to the corridor, or installed on the wall of the shopping center.

Transparent led mesh


The interior design of the club pursues an immersive experience.

The transparent LED screen can be customized into different shapes to create a special space. The wonderful videos played on the custom-shaped screen are interrelated with the shocking music and harsh lighting, which finally immerses people.


Due to the fast installation speed and easy disassembly, transparent LED screens have been recognized in various exhibitions, such as auto shows, electronics shows, games shows, etc.

By playing clear images and 3D videos, it can better promote the product visually.

Science Museum

The Science and Technology Museum is an important place to spread scientific knowledge.

As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through animation and video.

Building facade

Glass walls have been widely used in modern skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.

The transparent LED display can be installed on the glass keel together with the glass wall to make a large-format media facade.

Transparent led display
Transparent led screen

Public space

Bus stations, high-speed train stations, and airports are all places where people gather, as well as places where a large number of advertising screens are put on.

As a new generation of display screens, the transparent screen will not block the field of vision, nor affect the overall spatial feeling, and can also play advertisements.

Car back

The back or top of the car has become a new place to install advertising and information signs because it is currently the main mode of transportation.

The transparent LED display can be smaller in the car, the size is 250 * 750mm (9.8 inches * 29.5 inches), the pixel pitch is 2.6 / 5.2mm, and the resolution is sufficient to display recognizable images.

Advantages of transparent LED display

Why do more and more places like to use transparent LED display?

Because it has many advantages that traditional LED screens do not have.

High transparency rate

Transparent LED displays have different pixel pitches, and their transparency can be between 60-90%.

It does not block the sunlight entering the glass wall, and the individual LED of the screen is almost invisible from a distance.

Slim and lightweight

The main body of the screen is only 10 mm thick. After installation, it takes up almost no space and will not interfere with other facilities or structures near the glass wall.

The weight of the transparent LED screen is very light. Therefore, the load on the glass wall after installation is small.

Just a simple support structure

Due to its slim and lightweight design, it can be hung from the truss with only one beam.

If it is wall-mounted installation, it does not require a complicated supporting steel structure, which can naturally save a lot of installation costs.

Convenient and fast maintenance

With modular design, each screen panel is composed of the same small detachable modules.

In addition, indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources.

Save lighting and enrich building wall

If a transparent LED display is installed on the facade of the building, most of the lighting on the external wall can be saved.

The LED screen can play all kinds of content, from text, animation to high-definition video. Compared with lighting, it is more attractive and has advertising advantages.

Energy-saving and environmental protection

Its power consumption is very small, the average power consumption is less than 280W/㎡.

It does not require traditional refrigeration systems and air conditioning to dissipate heat. This is an environmentally friendly product.

Easy to use

It can be connected to the computer via a CAT6 cable. By using software running on your computer, you can easily configure the screen.

Regarding video content management, you can use your mobile phone or iPad to publish content and schedule play via WiFi. For many screens in different cities, you can use cloud services for group management.

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