Необычный медиафасад театра Цинси

Qingxi Theater is located in the national AAAA-level tourist attractions. The total area is 7811.93 square meters. The height of the building is 24 meters. The theater has a total of 917 seats. There are one underground floor and three aboveground floors. The venue can provide conferences, exhibitions, various large-scale concerts, and other high-quality events. To make it more attractive, the theater decided to build a transparent media facade on the glass wall of the entrance.

What are the main difficulties in building this irregular media facade?

1: Irregular shapes of various areas and complex glass wall structure increased the difficulty of construction.

2: Adjacent areas have corners and beveled edges. In order to fit for the size, 24 lengths strips were customized.

3: There are some deviations between the drawing and the actual size. The length of some strips in certain positions had to be adjusted during the installation process.

4: The claws on the glass wall would cause interference with the media mesh. During the installation process, one or several strips must be removed in advance to install the panels, and then reinstall them to the same positions.

5: The space behind the screen is limited, which made wiring not so easy.

6: Pixel splicing between strips of different panels requires high accuracy, which brings some time to do addjustment at site.

However, with our rich experience, we finally have solved all difficulties and created a perfect media facade.

Because of its transparency and simplicity, the curtain inside the glass wall will not affect the architectural aesthetics, nor will it damage the original glass wall structure. Let’s walk through more details of our strip style media facade below.

Features of our strip media facade:

Высокая прозрачность

The width of the strip is less than 14mm. And every panel doesn’t have a box on the rear to package the power supply and slave control card. So it makes the transparency of the screen very high, >75%.

The media mesh was installed inside the glass wall but did not affect the natural lighting.

High brightness

The light source adopts DIP 346 lamps, and the screen brightness reaches more than 7000CD/m², which can fully meet the needs of day/night use.

High grayscale, high refresh rate

The screen adopts static scanning technology. So the gray level can reach 65536 for each color. Even under low brightness, it had good grayscale too. The refresh rate of the screen is ≥5000HZ.

Easy to maintain

The individual strip is detachable. Furthermore, each strip works independently, and any broken strip will not affect others.

Thanks to the separate design for power supply and slave control card, all the power control boxes and controller can be placed in an easy-to-access location.

High safety

The screen uses low-voltage DC36/48V instead of traditional AC 220/110V as power input, which is safe for the human body.
Even if you touch it accidentally, it is safe.

Intelligent control

Any irregularly shaped screen can easily do the pixel mapping. You can schedule the contents playing as you want.


The strip is IP67, suitable for any outdoor applications.


The weight of the screen per square meter does not exceed 10.8kg, which is convenient for installation and can reduce labor and transportation cost.

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