Transparent LED Display – CLEAR Series

Прозрачный светодиодный экран

CLEAR Series

Transparent LED Display Media Mesh Series:

CL1.9: SMD 3-в-1 / пиксель, P1.9 H P3.9 V; 1000 нит

CL2.8: SMD 3-в-1 / пиксель, P2.8 H P5.6 V; 1000 нит

CL2.9: SMD 3-в-1 / пиксель, P2.9 H P7.8 V; 1000 нит

CL2.9H: SMD 3-в-1 / пиксель, P2.9 H P7.8 V; 5000 нит

CL3.9: SMD 3-в-1 / пиксель, P3.9 H P7.8 V; 1000 нит

CL3.9H: SMD 3-в-1 / пиксель, P3.9 H P7.8 V; 5000 нит

CL3.9O: Outdoor SMD P3.9 H P7.8 V; 5000 Nits

CL5.2O: Outdoor SMD P5.2 H P10.4 V; 5000 Nits

CL10.4O: Outdoor SMD P10.4 H P10.4 V; 5000 Nits

CL15.6O: Outdoor SMD P15.6 H P15.6 V; 5000 Nits

Индивидуальные проекты доступны по запросу пикселей

Ключевые особенности Прозрачный светодиодный экран

Ultra-high transparency

The transparency-design display will neither block the natural light nor influence the original aesthetic design.

That’s the important reason that it has been widely integrated with glass walls or standing freely in a big interior room.

The frame-less design can achieve a little higher transparency rate, while the frame design cabinet can be faster installation suitable for rental application

Безрамный стеклянный светодиодный дисплей

Frame-less Design Cabinet

Slim-frame Design Cabinet

High-resolution transparent display

The glass led mesh display can get a small pixel pitch of P1.9/3.9mm, P2.8/5.6mm, P2.9/7.8mm, and P3.9/7.8mm.

It can display high-definition video content even for as small as ten square meters.

Day-time viewable behind the building’s glass

Сетка IP43 будет установлена ​​за стеклом здания.

Из-за высокой яркости, превышающей 5000 нит, весь экран можно увидеть снаружи, даже если он установлен внутри.

Легкий и тонкий

Алюминиевый литой или профильный корпус и полая конструкция делают корпус легким, около 6 кг.

Meanwhile, by using an ultra-small power supply and micro controlling slave card, the cabinet thickness is very thin.

Cable hiding that gets clean back

The cable hidden design makes the whole screen looks very clean!

Curve design available

The curved design provides a larger viewing angle. What’s more, the curve-shape design offers new styling possibilities.

Нет необходимости тяжелой стальной конструкции

Because of its lightweight and easy installation structure, it doesn’t need to make a heavy and complex structure to hold the whole screen.

Несомненно, простая структура может значительно сэкономить большие затраты от доставки до установки.

Высокая частота обновления и высокая контрастность

Доступно достижение контрастности 3840 Гц и 4000: 1.

Для больших фасадных экранов зданий это может не понадобиться.

But when you watch the led facade closely, especially for a small display or internal installation, it is necessary when you are going to bring an amazing visual experience to the audience.

Front service available for the transparent screen

You can install or dismantle the transparent screen panel from the front.

Когда вы собираете стеклянный светодиодный экран без достаточного пространства сзади, передняя сервисная функция может помочь вам сделать это возможным.

Specifications of Transparent led display

Шаг пикселя по горизонтали1,984 мм2,84 мм
Высота пикселя по вертикали3.91mm5,68 мм
Разрешение панели504 * 128 пикселей352 * 88 пикселей
Светодиодная инкапсуляцияSMD1010SMD1010
Плотность пикселей / кв.м12902461952
прозрачность> 42%> 45%
Шаг пикселя по горизонтали2.957mm2.957mm3.91mm3.91mm
Высота пикселя по вертикали7.8125mm7.8125mm7.8125mm7.8125mm
Разрешение панели336 * 64 пикселей336 * 64 пикселей256 * 64 pixels256 * 64 pixels
Светодиодная инкапсуляцияSMD2020SMD1921SMD2020SMD1921
Плотность пикселей / кв.м43008430083276832768
Обработка цвета16 бит16 бит16 бит16 бит
Частота обновления1,920 / 3,840 Hz1,920 / 3,840 Hz1,920 / 3,840 Hz1,920 / 3,840 Hz
Угол обзора (H / V)120 ° / 120 °120 ° / 120 °120 ° / 120 °120 ° / 120 °
Максимум. Мощность / кв.м.750W750W750W750W
Средняя мощность / кв.м.250W250W250W250W
Размер панели1000 мм Ш × 500 м В 1000 мм Ш × 500 м В 1000 мм Ш × 500 м В 1000 мм Ш × 500 м В 
прозрачность> 65%
Вес / кв.м10KG
Способ установкиМонтаж или подвеска
Система контроля Novastar
Входное напряжениеAC110 ~ 220V 
сертификацияCE, Rohs, CCC
Рабочая температура-20 ~ + 60 ℃
Рейтинг IPIP43

Outdoor transparent LED display is launched for exterior permanent installation

The cabinet is made of die-cast aluminum, which is both light and strong and doesn’t need air conditioning to dissipate heat.

With an easy-maintenance design, modules can be maintained from the front or rear side, reducing maintenance costs and time.

Between the PCB and the LED board, it is glue-filled to effectively protect the lamps from falling off due to accidental impact.

Furthermore, by protective glue, it can achieve IP65 protection and can adapt to outdoor all-weather environments.

Outdoor Transparent LED display
Шаг пикселя по горизонтали3.91mm5.2mm10.4mm15.6mm
Высота пикселя по вертикали7.8mm10.4mm10.4mm15.6mm
Разрешение панели256 * 64 pixels192 * 48 pixels96 * 48 pixels64 * 32 pixels
Светодиодная инкапсуляцияSMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD2727
Плотность пикселей / кв.м327681843292164096
Размер панели1000 мм Ш × 500 м В
Обработка цвета>=14bit
Частота обновления1,920 / 3,840 Hz
Угол обзора (H / V)120 ° / 120 °
Максимум. Мощность / кв.м.800W
Средняя мощность / кв.м.260W
Вес / кв.м12KG
Способ установки Mounted / Suspending (Suspending Max. 10pcs)
Система контроляNovastar
Входное напряжениеAC110 ~ 220V
сертификацияCE, Rohs, CCC
Рабочая температура-20 ~ + 60 ℃
Рейтинг IPIP65

Примеры случаев

Transparent led mesh
Transparent led display
Transparent led screen on stage
Transparent LED display screen on stage

For brand stores located in large shopping malls, the walls facing the aisles are usually made of glass, because it needs to be able to make the goods in the store visible to tourists outside as much as possible, so as to attract more potential buyers into the store.

The transparent screen installed on the glass wall will not block the customer’s line of sight, but can display brand stories or promotional messages. Such a transparent storefront screen does not change the original design, but can give full play to the advertising effect.

Recommend to watch the video in HD or 720P quality

Transparent screens can play a very important role in brand promotion activities. Because of its transparency, lightweight, and slim structure, coupled with the use of glass, it can show extraordinary charming effects.

Our British client made a nice cube that looks like a big gift box. A four-sided video wall is made of glass and P3.9/7.8mm transparent screen around the cube. The content of the video attracts visitors to stay and want to go in and find out.

This is a great show integrated transparent led screen, lighting, audio, projector, creating mesmerizing production and impressive visuals.

When the DJ is lit up, he will be visible through the front screen, and when you’re using the semi-transparent led screens in both front and back, you’ll get a lot of depth, and the front screen will feel like a hologram.

The transparent screen video walls in different planes wrap around the entire building. The specially customized video content has a perfect transition between the two walls, creating a 3D waterfall and flowing water atmosphere.

Recommend to watch the video in HD or 720P quality

Variants of transparent led display

Transparent LED poster

Custom LED transparent screen (Circle, Triangle, Column,etc.)

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