Why 3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh is better than GKD MediaMesh?

3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh (Dot-style mesh and Strip-style mesh) and GKD MediaMesh both belong to led media façade, that are used to build a large scale transparent digital media wall. GKD was founded in 1925 in Germany. Now it has been a leader in their metal mesh market. Its LED MediaMesh was invented as early as 2000 which woven the led profiles into the metal fabric. We have to say that it was a great idea. But with the led technology growing after so many years, it seems their design didn’t make any big innovation. That is understandable because GKD’s main business and focus are metal mesh, not the led screen.

Compared to GKD, 3CINNO was very younger, but its team member has more than 20years of experience in the LED screen industry. And we only focus on the LED screens and led mesh technology. We admitted the GKD MediaMesh was a great job but it was some weaker in some aspects.

Let’s walk through the comparison between 3CINNO led media façade and GKD MediaMesh.

Transparent LED Mesh
3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh
GKD Media Mesh

3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh has higher transparency

Both Media Mesh can offer unparalleled transparency. Natural light can filter through into the inside space and the led façade will not block the view from inside. The building façade appearance has not been changed much and the led mesh facade as a second skin of the building even enhanced the brand identity.

3CINNO transparent led mesh has higher transparency because there is no metal fabric between the LED Grids. However, besides the LED profiles, GKD MediaMesh has the metal fabric woven by 3x2mm2 warp wires and 3mm weft rods with a 10mm rod pitch. Obviously, it blocks some lights. Taking P50mm H/50mm V for example, the GKD MediaMesh transparency rate is 58.1%, while 3CINNO Transparent led mesh is 65%.

3CINNO LED Mesh Wall is more slim and lightweight.

Because the media façade uses a separate power box. The screen body is very slim compared to the traditional cabinet led wall. Thanks to the transparency and elegant design, it isn’t difficult for people to roll, move and install. 

But for some reason, with the woven metal fabric, the GKD MediaMesh is heavier than 3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh. Taking P50mm for example, GKD MediaMesh is 10.3kg/m2, while 3CINNO LED mesh is 7.6kg/m2 which was much better.

3CINNO LED Mesh Façade is more flexible to customize for your project.

The Pixel pitch of both brands can be customized to get the required brightness and resolution for a specific project. GKD MediaMesh gave some recommendations about their pixel pitch options, P40V50H, P50, P60V50H. There are other pitch options too but it is limited to adjust in 10mm steps for vertical resolution. 3CINNO Mesh has no limits, which pixel pitch can be done any from P40 to any pitch you want. And there isn’t an additional cost for a different pitch.

It is known that every building façade is different. That means we need to scale the media façade size to fit the building area. The GKD MediaMesh’s led profile length can be tailor-made to get the closest size fitting for the building facade, but it is not so smart as 3CINNO Pixel Mesh, which is no size limitations and no matter what size you’ll build for the whole led façade.

3CINNO Mesh is easier to set-up and maintain

For both media mesh, it doesn’t need to make a complex support frame like a traditional led screen. No need air-conditioner and heavy frame for both!

GKD MediaMesh is heavier so that installation is not as fast as 3CINNO mesh especially when you handle a big façade. And the metal fabric edge is a little sharp that may stab the hand during installation. For maintenance, you need to change the whole led profile if any pixel is dead. But for 3CINNO led mesh, you only need to change an individual dot with a simple tool. Thanks to the broken-dot continually transmitting technology, left pixels will still work well. That’s convenient and leaves you more chances to pick up the right time for maintenance.

3CINNO Strip Mesh has simpler cabling

3CINNO Dot-style and Strip-style media mesh both uses integrated slave controller, that built-in power supply and control card. There is only one cable for each line of mesh facade. This design can get a clean cabling. It simplifys the installation and maintenance. However, the GKD mesh still used the old cabling way with separate power supply and slave controller (Prolink Router) with two cables to each line. It needs more devices and gets complicated cabling,especially for a large scale facade.

GKD Media Mesh

3CINNO LED Façade has better cost

GKD MediaMesh is known worldwide and produced in Germany. We all know the products from Chinese manufacturers will have better cost because of its low labor cost and mature supply chain. You don’t need to worry about the quality. 70% of LED screens in the world are manufactured in China. There are low-quality screens made in China of course, but there are also top led screen brands who always care about the quality and got a reputation. We are one of the best manufacturers.

What about other led mesh similar to the GKD MediaMesh?

The IMAGIC WEAVE is a similar product to GKD MediaMesh, who also weave the led profiles into the metal fabric. It used the same design principle. 3CINNO Transparent LED Mesh gained competitive advantage over it too.

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